Holiday Type: Holidays in Pastida – All Inclusive

  • Flight time: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 2 hours ahead of UK
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro

Pastida Holidays

The particularly beautiful garden village hosts cheap all inclusive holidays in Pastida to tourists enjoying the best of the northern tip of the island of Rhodes. The typically traditional resort is hidden behind the gorgeous mountainous range at Filerimos from the plentiful supply of beaches beyond view. The lack of people and noise is an attractive demeanour amongst the laid back charm of the daily village life. The slight rise in visitors every year has introduced a few modernised hotels which fit the bill with and with continued high reports of a pleasant stay we recommend a cheap break with all inclusive Pastida holidays especially for couples.

The public eye is in full view around the inviting main square on Pastida holidays. Sink into a comfy chair with an iced tea at the bakeries in the slow daytime air and watch the frenzy of people coming and going at night to the shops and cafes around the meeting place. Follow through the narrow cobbled pathways and streets past the timeless whitewashed houses and decorative gardens to the friendly bars and restaurants throughout the village. Traditional dance and fair are enticing factors in the evening cheer and warrant a wide audience. Cheap holidays to Pastida are still on offer but rest assured as the word gets out the price will surely rise.

With a wonderful mix of the hidden quiet countryside on your doorstep and the elaborate stretch of lively beach resorts nearby you can enjoy the comforts of all inclusive Pastida holidays with some free time to explore further by car or bus. The poolside retreat hidden by citrus groves is miles away from the busy living of the coastal towns. Kremasti and Trianta are wonderful beaches worth visiting with beachside bars and cafes spilling onto the sands where water sports are on full charge. The capital’s Old Town is renowned for its historical architecture and complies with the UNESCO World Heritage Funding. Keep a day free from the convenience of all inclusive holidays Pastida where everything is to hand for a walk of freedom and wonder to the Crusaders Fort in the heart of Rhodes Town.

Pastida Weather

April 68°F
May 75°F
June 82°F
July 84°F
Aug 84°F
Sept 81°F
Oct 75°F

Map of Pastida