Holiday Type: Holidays in Tholos – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 2 hours ahead of UK
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro

A Prevue

  • Also known as Theologos
  • Great for couples
  • Relax and soak up the sun
  • Spend your days chilling out

The casual slow pace of all inclusive Tholos holidays, also called Theologos is set timidly amid the flowing north western coastline of breezy Rhodes. The resort commonly known by locals as Theologos is most welcoming with whispers from of the friendly hospitable hotel reception from the welcome lobby through to the evening dining service staff.

The influencing factor of cheap all inclusive holidays in Tholos is the uncrowded secluded beach and the traditional unspoilt village behind the main beach hub. Time is golden with miles of sweeping rugged sands undermined by the encroaching gentle waves submerging the streamlined coast.

Light entertainment conveys the easy mood on Tholos holidays with proud local produce displayed in the culinary delights of the simple Greek living. The resort offers a sampling of bars and tavernas for evening relaxation and there are enough little shops for the basic essentials and gifts. Cheap holidays in Tholos is relatively low key with only one single disco but adequate restaurants and authentic bars are spread throughout the resort. Avail of the hotel activities with free drinks and snacks into the night before plummeting to the pillow for a safe sound sleep.

Slip off to the slender beach loungers in the late afternoon for a snooze or watch the extra-curricular activities skimming the open sea with windsurfing and body boarding lapping up the natural brisk air.

The better known inland village of Theologos has power pulling qualities within the attractively landscaped hilltop location. It warrants lovely walks through the squeezed streets echoed by the towering whitewashed buildings with decorative wooden window shutters and decadent cascading flowers in stark contrast to the private hotel modernisation of all inclusive Tholos holidays for the budget tourist. Of course you have paid up front and do avail of the privileges of all inclusive holidays Tholos with a few carefully planned outings to give a well-rounded end to the holiday.  The regular bus route follows the main coastal road and is valuable in summing up the desirable neighbouring Rhodian resorts and beaches on show. Faliraki Water Park is highly recommended for getting wet and the invaluable ancient sights of the Old Town’s capital are somewhat remarkable in the contained fort walls of the meandering maze of pathways.

Tholos Weather

April 63°F
May 68°F
June 75°F
July 79°F
Aug 80°F
Sept 76°F
Oct 70°F
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