Cala Mesquida

Holiday Ideas Cala Mesquida, Majorca – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 2-3 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 1 hour ahead of the UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • A quiet peaceful purpose-built village
  • A mid-market destination
  • The beach is stunning fine light sand
  • Nightlife is centred around your hotel

All inclusive Cala Mesquida holidays are is a quiet peaceful purpose-built village in stunning protected natural setting of dunes and sloping thickly wooded hills. The central main street lined with tourist properties leads to the cliff edge, overlooking rocky coastline. Several exclusive modern villas lie scattered on the Cala Mesquida hillside among pine trees.

Famous for its superb stretch of sandy beach and water sports, all inclusive holidays in Cala Mesquida also offers spectacular views of beautifully clear waters and rugged mountains.

Suitable for:

Cala Mesquida  holidays are classed as a mid-market destination. Cala Mesquida is best suited for families with younger children and couples catered for in hotel. The energetic will enjoy plentiful outdoor sporting opportunities in Cala Mesquida.

Accommodation in Cala Mesquida:

Holidays in Cala Mesquida contain a 4-star hotel, aparthotel and all-inclusive all under the same brand. There is a holiday village of 1-star bungalows for the budget conscious. For larger parties there are some private villas and apartments in Cala Mesquida for rent.

Beaches in Cala Mesquida:

Cala Mesquida has a lengthy broad stretch of stunning fine light sand in a normal bay with dense sand dunes and protected by a rough pine-covered slope. Its unblemished and unspoiled waters are suitable for swimming and water sports. Indeed a holiday in Cala Mesquida have many. A flag system indicates water conditions at Cala Mesquida beach throughout the day. Enjoy the small bar and water-sports centre throughout your stay.

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During the day in Cala Mesquida there is a range of water sports, parascending, horse riding, hiking and biking trails. Trek to Son Jaumell lookout tower suspended on top of a neighbouring peak.
Meanwhile for nightlife you will find the most centred around all inclusive hotels in Cala Mesquida, with their own shows, live music, contests and dances. There is also a few small music bars and restaurant type establishments.

Eating out in Cala Mesquida will have you dining at a couple of locally owned fast food type eateries. There are no classy diners but all the more reason for travelling all inclusive.

There are only a few small holiday knick-knack type shops and a couple of supermarkets in Cala Mesquida. For a greater selection of shops travel to the Cala Ratjada market which is held on Saturday’s.  There is also a market to try in Capdepera on a wednesday.

Try some local excursions in Cala Mesquida such as a half day trip to Capdepera market and the medieval castle. As part of your all inclusive package in Cala Mesquida  you can include a Full day excursion to Palma. This can include a thursday market in Inca and Palma shopping.

Cala Mesquida Weather

April 56°F
May 64°F
June 70°F
July 75°F
Aug 76°F
Sept 70°F
Oct 64°F
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Map of Cala Mesquida, Majorca Spain

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