Holiday Guide Deia, Majorca – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 2 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 1 hours ahead of the UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • Tranquil surroundings
  • A lesser explored part of Majorca
  • More as than enough to keep you busy

Organising a journey with your children? Find out more about our fabulous offering of family all inclusive to Deia.

Why you should visit Deia?

Superior too!

For those who want to buy an escape that comes with 5-star desire, you will have arrived at the perfect place. We have an incredible bunch of luxury holidays to Deia revealed.

Go all inclusive

We certainly have researched the accommodation that go over and above when you’re thinking of high class – experience standout solution, very good pool scenes as well as swanky interior design. And whenever talking of cuisine, we’re saying al fresco self-serve buffet meals and atmospheric à la carte recipes. Additionally, all of our hotels on high quality holidays to Deia are all inclusive, which means that beers in addition to meals are a part of your deal.

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Luxury hotels apart, lavish all inclusive holidays to Deia come with delightful weather conditions – we are looking at balmy temperature levels and sunshine literally as common – and plenty through the sightseeing and tours levels.

All set to go?

When you want extra encouragement, click the guide tab for your complete recommendations. It will certainly inform you all that you should be informed on about where to go and what to enjoy. Why not choose high quality all in holidays to Deia aided by the search panel.



You could try all inclusive Deia breaks and it will land you in a town that writers, musicians and actors have all made their home around the past. This resort offers a wonderful blend of genuine splendour with the arts.

Properties are characteristic of rural Majorca, heavenly clinging to the countryside with masses of empty spot around. The rural traditional feel of Deia is added to with the Cobblestoned highways and neat settings.

There is more as than enough to keep you busy in Deia, as well as the top way to appreciate it truly is to check out the magnificence of this area on foot. There is public transport that you can avail of which will take you towards quite a few of the nearby resort hotels should you get fed up with the range dining establishments throughout the cobblestoned lanes.

Beach locations

A holiday break in Deia is fantastic for a swim at the beach even though the shore is largely rocks. You will discover walkways all within the shore making to possible to see your very own isolated piece of lush to chill out and laze around within the sun. Dip in the refreshing Mediterranean sea to cool off.

On your way back coming from the beach why not stop in on the list of pretty pubs and have fun with a light treat or a refreshing drink whilst you recall how perfect your family holiday has been.

They say Deia all in holidays are ideal for holidaymakers that are into art, but by no means the only reason why you would experience your summer here together with your family.

Bring your walking shoes as Deia features to be the most scenic walking area in Majorca, with the Serra de Tramuntana shadowing Deia you will have to grab one of the organised activities here to hear the local culture.

One idea that will you could do on in Deia which will not cost you anything is to follow the MA-10 road for the stunning village of Lluch – Alcari, it may be a 35 minute walk but if you’re fit it really is well worth the effort.

Luxurious assortment of hotels

Going on family holidays to Deia will take you to a luxurious offering of places to stay that will include wonderful dining places. You can be sure of having seafood served up almost every single night in methods that will amaze you.

As tourists coming from Britain and Ireland are a common sight here you can easily be sure that most menus will include anything at all to suit the British palette each night.

Travelling on an all inclusive alternatives will make sure you never get time to go hungry, treats and beverages are offered most of the day.

Come night-time and Deia is just beginning to warm up. Your evening meal in the hotel dining establishment will likely be buffet style, but rather a lot off it so heap up your plate and have fun with it.

After dinner retreat outside towards the veranda and listen to the deafening silence, so peaceful, so ideal, welcome to Deia or occasionally called Deia or Deja.




Deia Weather

April 66°F
May 73°F
June 80°F
July 86°F
Aug 86°F
Sept 79°F
Oct 73°F
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