Holiday Guide to Estoril, Algarve – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 2-3 hours from UK
  • Time difference: Same as UK
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • Home to one of Europes largest Casinos
  • Popular to the esteemed traveller
  • Spectators to one of the sporting events
  • Holiday during the summer season

A well-known sandy beach Holiday destination, All Inclusive Estoril Holidays is far from your mainstream Holiday Resort. It has been a long time associated with travelling thanks to location to the sea. In the pre Second World War era it provided sanctuary from toppled rulers, then Jews escaping the wrath of the Nazis. Hence the luxurious Hotels and Villas that occupy Estoril are a throwback to the previous inhabitants of this fine region. Now the urban jungle of Estoril almost hide the glory days that here once boasted. The hub of the action now centres on one of Europes largest Casinos with the stunning grounds to wallow your lost worth in.

The beach at Estoril is bunged all summer long with happy holidaymakers making the most of their two weeks of summer bliss. A 30 minute stroll takes you into Cascais, it is here you can enjoy lots of the normal tourist attraction you come to expect in a modern day Holiday.

Sports in Estoril are famous, you have probably heard of the F1 circuit, Estoril that has provided much excitement over the years. Then there is the now more popular than ever, Golf and Tennis. Indeed big names of sport have and do walk the streets of Estoril.

Beaches in Gaios

Holidaymakers can find a protected beach that is called Kaki Langada in the north of Gaois. The beach is full of pebbles and is very popular during high season.

You can have the choice of three beaches when on your All Inclusive in Estoril, Praia Monte Estoril, Praia do Estoril Tamariz and Praia da Poca. These span of the resort and are connected by a promenade. The waters here are calm, although at peak season on holidays in Estoril the beaches become massively over prescribed, perhaps better to spend a day at the pool of your hotel.

Suitable for

A holiday in Estoril is popular to the esteemed traveller that has a wad of cash to ply on the tables of the casino. It becomes very busy on Saturday and Sunday’s with locals, although is a popular destination with tourists from all over the world.

Spectators to one or another of the big sporting events held in Estoril every year, an All Inclusive Holiday in Estoril is not cheap and thus will not be an attractive option for families or the younger party animal crowd.


For the serious shopper, give Estoril a miss. There are the usual holiday shops selling overpriced souvenirs. If you want a better selection of shopping travel the short distance into Cascais. During July there is a craft fair that provides interesting pieces that make excellent Holiday mementoes of your time spent in Estoril.

Nightlife in Gaios

There is only one place you need to go at night, which is Estoril’s Casino. This massive sprawling complex hosts a ton of shows and a chance to win a fortune. There are several bars along the promenade if you cannot make it to the Casino

The best time to go

Definitely you have to go to Estoril on your holidays during the Summer season, preferably during July and August. It is very busy at all times during the summer and the beaches often become over crowded.

Gaios hotels

Estoril boast several All Inclusive Hotels and luxury complexes, for the mid-market punter you too will be able to find a reasonable choice of accommodation for your holiday in Estoril. If yopu are travelling with a group it may be wise to book one on the large private villas, although almost impossible to get a good one during any type of sporting tournament.

If you cannot afford the expense of All Inclusive then you have a decent choice of self-catering apartments, although even these can seem expensive during the High Holiday season.

Estoril Weather

April 60°F
May 64°F
June 70°F
July 74°F
Aug 74°F
Sept 73°F
Oct 66°F

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