Los Cristianos

Holiday Guide for Los Cristianos (Tenerife) All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Approx 4.5 hours from the UK
  • Time difference: Same as the UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • Superb winter sunshine
  • Take a boat trip out of the crowded harbour
  • A couple of minutes out of the clubs and clubs of Playa de las Americas
  • Suitable for aquatic sports

Holiday breaks in Los Cristianos

All Inclusive Los Cristianos Holidays, set only 15km west of the airport, is the second biggest tourist choice around the island of Tenerife, and caters to the entire family and couples who want to be close to the infamous nightlife of the area, yet stay somewhere somewhat quieter.

Situated right on the doorstep to its’ brash noisy neighbour, Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos is only a 5 minute taxi ride away, and the two holiday resorts merge together to such an extent which often it really is impossible to individual the two.

Los Cristianos, an old day fishing village, has managed to retain a certain amount of Canarian charm, and offers a more relaxing base for a holiday.

Holidays in Los Cristianos – Take a boat trip out of the crowded harbour

The seafront at Los Cristianos is packed due to man-made beach locations – the best being Playa de las Vistas, due to clean seas and covered due to imported fine sand coming from the Sahara. The main hub of Los Cristianos is the harbour, home to several global yachts, pleasure boats, or perhaps a number of angling vessels.

From here, ferries and hydrofoils depart making the hourly voyage over for the neighbouring island of La Gomera, and popular boat trips take people out to see the many dolphin and whale colonies which live in these seas.

A pedestrian promenade runs the entire length of Los Cristianos, lined with shops, taverns and dining places, and the old town hub, also traffic-free, is home to a Catholic church and terraced avenues housing a thriving local population. There is certainly a great deal of places to stay on All Inclusive in Los Cristianos, ranging out of the older hotel accommodations and apartments down around the beach, for the newer area inland.

Los Cristianos Holidays – A couple of minutes out of the clubs and clubs of Playa de las Americas

Whilst All Inclusive Holidays in Los Cristianos is considered peaceful compared to Playa de las Americas, it can be still home to a huge variety of shops, taverns and places to eat. Anything from Chinese, Mexican and Indian may be found here, as well as conventional Canarian delicacies, and the resort has an abundance of English pubs and bars catering towards the many British holidaymakers who visit Los Cristianos, due to the all-night clubs of Playa de las Americas only a few minutes away.

Los Cristianos all in holidays are ideally positioned to visit the family points of interest on Tenerife, including the nearby aqua park and the Tenerife Zoo, and gives hot-air balloon rides all over the hotel and resort. The weekly street market in the destination is really a typical fascination each Sunday.


Things to do while holidaying in Los Cristianos


If you decide on family holidays to Los Cristianos you will discover it provides a variety of restaurants, music areas, fantastic pubs and Karaoke clubs, yet it can be still relatively relaxing compared to its immediate neighbour, Playa de las Americas.

For those looking for no-holds barred great time which in turn lasts all night long, Playa is just minutes away. February/March is Carnival time on Tenerife, offering a chance to notice how the locals experience a great time.

Sandy beaches

Playa de los Cristianos beach is next for the harbour, the larger Playa de la Vistas coastline includes a blue flag award and is possibly the best coastline in Tenerife. Further south can be a third seaside, that’s pebbly due to an unofficial nudist area. You will discover other fantastic, sheltered beach locations within easy reach.

Water sports and other things to do

All kinds of water sports are catered for, from jet skiing, a variety of board sports, parascending, and surfing to pedaloes and banana boat rides. You will find scuba diving centres nearby, offering dives for all abilities with hot, clear beach and caverns, corals and amazing sea living.

Tenerife is usually superb for events that include ping pong, golf – the island showcases a number of first-class courses – and mountain biking.

The harbour

Before transforming into a major tourist area this was a sleepy angling village and while several angling yachts stay, they have been joined by international yachts and catamarans, ferries and hydrofoils. The quick trip over to the neighbouring island of La Gomera is recommended for its peace and serenity.

Whale and dolphin trips

Cruising boats, catamarans and glass-bottomed boats will take tourists out to observe the whales and dolphins for which the area is famous. There’s a chance to spot pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, sperm whales and more compared to twenty other species.

Mount Teide National Park

There’s an incredible range of plants and animal living, superb trekking trails and awe-inspiring sights. A cable car takes tourists up Mount Teide, even though the ascent is almost vertical and not for the faint-hearted. From the best, it really is possible to see all of the Canaries.

Interesting for the kids

Youngsters love AquaPark Octopus having its sea slides, adventure rides and dolphinarium. Tenerife Zoo and the Eagles Park, featuring parrots, penguins and, of course, eagles are also within easy reach.


Shopping is duty free and there’s a large market each and every Sunday where bargain hunters can easily find everything from T-shirts to watches and jewellery.



The Weather in Los Cristianos

Holidays All Inclusive in Los Cristianos provide the perfect holiday weather no matter what time of year you arrive. Tenerife is nice all year round, without being too hot, which is why the island is known as ‘The Island of Eternal Spring’.

Having regular conditions reaching 23°C in January and only under 29°C from July through to September, travellers could make the most of the great sandy beach locations and numerous things to do. Los Cristianos is a fantastic hot-spot for holidaymakers and everybody wanting a fantastic and sun holiday.

Los Cristianos weather – Suitable for aquatic sports

Tenerife has an regular of 320 days of sunny days year after year and the lowest temperature difference between best and wintertime of anywhere in the world. On rare occasions a dust-laden wind, the Calima, can blow over out of the Sahara and raise the temperature for anything from a few hours to a few days. Normally, however, the temperature is moderated by a combination of the Canarian cold current and the trade winds out of the north.

Despite the so-called ‘cold current’, the beach is nice and pleasant year-round. Beach weather conditions including 18-19° in winter to 25-26° in summer help to make Los Cristianos a perfect location for water sports enthusiasts.

Weather in Los Cristianos – Sun year-round round

Mount Teide, that could be generally snow-capped, doesn’t only dominate the island’s landscape; it also affects weather conditions, with the north of the island being lush and green while the southern area is extremely dry and sunny.

Holidaymakers and visitors are very unlikely to observe rain in the best in Los Cristianos, and there’s not really much in the wintertime either, but the island’s weather station is near the capital, Santa Cruz, in the north, so don’t be surprised if the actual weather for Los Cristianos is warm and sunnier compared to which often shown in the island’s reports. This coast has some of the best weather for sun seekers in the whole of the Canaries.


Los Cristianos Weather

April 66°F
May 68°F
June 72°F
July 75°F
Aug 77°F
Sept 77°F
Oct 73°F

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