Playa De Las Americas

Everything Included in one Price Playa de las Americas, Tenerife – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Approx 4.5 hours from the UK
  • Time difference: Same as the UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • A resort for the young and energetic
  • An endless pick of pubs and clubs
  • Comfortable and sunny, best weather around the island

Planning all-inclusive – look at – Holiday management will be easy as soon as you pick cheap all inclusive holidays for adults only to Playa de las Americas 2020 as airline ticket, airport transfers, all foods, alcoholic beverages, leisure activities plus things to do really are as part of the fee.

Family escape

Should you be looking for a trip that’s got opulent character, you’ve chosen the correct site. We’ve received a wonderful selection of luxury holiday escapes 2020 to Playa de las Americas available to book today.

Superb Luxury stays

Together with flight tickets, transfers and accommodation, the money our all in holidays to Playa de las Americas includes food items and endless local drinks. An all inclusive holiday towards the Playa de las Americas is a straightforward way for you to travel. So you do not need to worry about cost management or checking foreign currency – you can continue more essential details, like choosing what drink you’re just about to check out next.A few of the accommodations also throw bonuses into the deal, such as pool.

Get more info

It’s not always all about what goes on inside your accommodation, however.To begin with, there’s the weather conditions. Everyone can easily expect to see plenty of sunshine, and sunbathing weather. Or should you just feel like unwinding in the sunlight with your favourite magazine, that’s sorted, as well. Fit all of it in with an all inclusive holiday to Playa de las Americas. Take a look at our helpful guide to Playa de las Americas for further ideas.

Further information

No matter what takes your fancy, be sure you take a browse through the excellent guidebook – it provides an awful lot of beneficial details, all about where to search as well as what to try and do once you get there. And you can easily uncover and buy luxurious holiday getaways to Playa de las Americas making use of the search at the top of this website page


Holiday escapes in Playa de las Americas

All Inclusive Playa de las Americas Holidays, found within the south-west coast of Tenerife, can be a modern purpose-built destination, best-selling with the 18-30’s crowd. Established in the 1970’s, and beginning as only a few accommodations close to the shore with imported sand coming from the Sahara. All Inclusive TUI Holidays in Playa de las Americas is now the largest tourist development on the island, along with a firm favourite of young holidaymakers, due to its’ all-night clubs and endless array of pubs and taverns.

Holiday breaks in Playa de las Americas – A resort for the young and energetic

By day, the biggest fascination of Playa de las Americas All Inclusive 2020 Holidays is the bright sand seashore, suitable for going for a swim and tanning, and offering a wide choice of water sports, including jet-skiing, wind-surfing and para-gliding. The beach can easily get quite crowded, and the resort is home with other typical black exotic beachfronts, due to numerous smaller coves and bays for those in search of more solitude.

A long pedestrian promenade runs the length of the resort, starting in neighbouring Los Cristianos and ending in the holiday resort of La Caleta in the west, and is lined having shops, pubs and places to eat. The port, Puerto Colon, is the leaving point for the numerous tourist cruises that ferry individuals out to spot the whales and dolphins living in the oceans between Tenerife and La Gomera.

The lodging choices for All Inclusive in Playa de las Americas are huge, catering to both different groups and groups, and the destination is the home of the famous Timeshare apartment industry. A mini-train runs about the Playa de las Americas and the main centre, the resort is well-served by tours in the area.

Holiday All Inclusive Playa de las Americas – An endless pick of pubs and clubs

Playa de las Americas comes alive at night. Making use of huge selection of places to eat offering up anything from fast-food and pub-grub to old fashioned Spanish and Canarian specialities, All in TUI holidays in Playa de las Americas offers anything at all for everyone.

Most of the clubs are found in an area known as The Patch, due to live music and happy hours, and family recreation in the form of impersonators, quiz night’s and karaoke.

The club action in Playa de las Americas is based in an area known as the Veronicas, and the Starcos’ Commercial Hub – close for the beach and along with an exhausting array of all-night dance areas – and here party-goers can keep going until the early hours at packed spots like Cream, The Ministry and Tramps. Other outdoor activities to appreciate whilst staying on getaway in Playa de las Americas include racket sports, bowling, go-karting and adventure sports like bungee-jumping at the Sky Park.

Things to do in 2020 while holidaying in Playa de las Americas

Aquatic sports

The volcanic beachfronts and hot oceans of Playa de las Americas offer a huge choice for the sea activity enthusiast, from family-friendly outdoor activities to more adventurous pursuits. Choose from jet skiing, banana boat rides and b.o.s.s. to a variety of board sports, sailing, power boating, paragliding and scuba diving.


Catamaran rides and sailing all inclusive cruises with airfare are widely offered out of the destination, which has a solution of boat trips available. From booze cruises and scuba-dive trips to dolphin and whale-spotting experiences, a peaceful trip out on the beach is an exceptional option to spend a 24 hours.


Known as on the list of best spots in the earth for big-game day fishing, Playa de las Americas can be a great place to try your hand at the activity. The oceans of the Atlantic are home to an extensive range of sea food, including marlin, tuna and hammerhead shark, along with loads of companies offering day trips out for all levels of fishermen.


Those staying in Playa de las Americas can choose from three courses within a few miles drive. Tenerife is really a popular hot spot for golf players, due to eight courses within the island, featuring its hot the temperature and abundance of sunny days creating appealing conditions for a leisurely round.

Other activities

With numerous outdoor activities to try, the hotel and resort is appealing for those looking for an alternative towards the seashore, including amusement arcades, go-karting, bungee-jumping, bowling and racket sports. Try horse-riding, camel-riding, cycling and quad-biking, and even walking and mountain biking in the more fertile north of the island.

Day trips

The many outings out of the holiday resort include trips for the capital Santa Cruz, the Mount Teide National Park, the Pyramids of Guimar and the Botanical landscapes and Loro Park in Puerto de la Cruz. Discover several of the quieter bays and coves close to the hotel and resort, or simply rent a car and find out the different surroundings and beautiful villages of the island.

Recreational Areas

One of Tenerife’s’ largest family attractions, the Octopus Aquapark, is located in Playa de las Americas, offering an array of private pools, slides and tubes as well as a dolphin show. Close by are also an Ecological Park, Cactus and Animal Park along with a Camel Park. Many free tours conveniently run from the hotel and resort for the parks.

The 2020 / 2021 Weather in Playa de las Americas

The common tourist resort of Playa de las Americas enjoys a gorgeous spring-like environment, due to an abundance of sunny days and nice temperatures all year long round. Tenerife is home to a variety of local weather zones, having the north being humid and damper compared to the dry arid south. Located around the southwest coast of the island, Playa de las Americas sees the best weather on Tenerife, featuring a hot subtropical local weather creating high temperatures along with little rain.

Weather on Playa de las Americas – Comfortable and sunny, best weather around the island

Tenerife displays among the lowest seasonal temperature variances in the whole world, seeing a regular wintertime temperature of 22C and a typical seasonal high of 24C. Spring in Playa de las Americas enjoy blue cloudless skies and highs of 22C-23C, which rise to 25C and 26C in July and August, and run through to September.

Summers in Playa de las Americas are not oppressively hot, along with the resort seeing a maximum high of 28C. The Trade gusts of wind, which blow coming from the north-east, are a contributing factor for the islands’ appealing environment, due to the coastal holiday resort of Playa de las Americas seeing welcome breezes throughout hot, helping to temper the heat and keep the temperature constant. The sun shines for a typical of 9 hours a day throughout the sun, and the level of rainfall is virtually non-existent.




Playa de las Americas Weather

Jan 71°F
Feb 72°F
March 74°F
April 74°F
May 76°F
June 78°F
July 82°F
Aug 84°F
Sept 82°F
Oct 80°F
Nov 77°F
Dec 73°F
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