Los Gigantes

Holiday Guide for Los Gigantes (Tenerife) All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Approx 4.5 hours from the UK
  • Time difference: Same as the UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • Perfect all-year round
  • Perhaps the best weather in the Canary Islands
  • With black volcanic sand, the beach here
  • Relaxing and scenic, with an appealing village atmosphere

All Inclusive Holidays in Los Gigantes

The resort for all inclusive in Los Gigantes is a spectacular resort set in a rocky cove facing the Atlantic, is named for the unique vertical cliffs found in the location, protruding as much as 800m over the seaside. Los Gigantes, or simply ‘The Cliffs of the Giants’, is found within the western coast of Tenerife and home to a very little exotic seaside along with a crowded yacht marina.

Holiday breaks in Los Gigantes – Spectacular vertical rocks protruding out of the sea

At the foot of the cliffs lies the tiny seaside of Los Gigantes – constituted of black volcanic sand, the seaside here is excellent for holidaymakers and doesn’t get too crowded. Next to the seaside is the bustling marina of Los Gigantes, the hub of the holiday resort, home to both expensive yachts and day fishing vessels, and the departing point for the countless popular boat trips up and down the coastline.

This is the best way for you to experience the dramatic cliffs of Los Gigantes up near, and also an interesting way for you to spot the colonies of dolphins and whales which often swim in these oceans.

Holidays in Los Gigantes is an attractive and somewhat exclusive resort, with conventional low-rise places to stay and apartment properties blending well into the town, along with an excellent variety of shops selling everything from gifts to designer labels.

Built into the cliff face, Los Gigantes is home to several steep and winding slender avenues, with most of the features found uphill from the front. The hub of Los Gigantes provides a pedestrianised area found around the old church, and provides a great solution of taverns, dining establishments and shops.

Holidays all in in Los Gigantes – Enjoyable and beautiful, having a fascinating town ambiance

All Inclusive Los Gigantes Holidays gives a quiet peaceful starting point for families or perhaps entire families (although parents might find the steep streets fairly challenging along with pushchairs), having this part of Tenerife generally boasting the best weather within the island.

Scuba diving, boating and deep-sea day fishing are all available from the marina at Los Gigantes For those in search of a much larger seaside, Playa de la Arena, just a few kilometres southern region of Los Gigantes, is really a good blue Flag beach and regarded as the best in the area.

Puerto Santiago, an original fishing resort and now an innovative yet peaceful holiday resort, is Los Gigantes’ closest neighbour, and both La Arena and Puerto Santiago can easily be reached on foot, a breath-taking 30 minute walk across the cliffs.



Things to do while holidaying in Los Gigantes

Mount Teide National Park

There’s an incredible range of plants and animal living, excellent trails for hikers and awe-inspiring views, including Mount Teide itself, on the list of world’s third largest volcanoes. A cable car takes tourists to within two hundred metres of the summit, even though ascent is almost vertical and not for the faint-hearted. Out of the leading, it can be possible to notice all of the Canaries.

Los Gigantes Marina

The focus of the area features loads of taverns and restaurants, a nearby black sanded seashore and all kinds of vessels. Tourists can learn to handle a power boat, try sailing, arrange a fishing trip, set off on a restored galleon or have a glass-bottomed boat to view the beach life, which includes whales and several schools of dolphins. A boat trip is usually the best way for you to appreciate the magnificent cliffs which in turn give the resort its name.

Carnival – February/March

Night after night over a quarter of a million people pack the alleys of the island’s capital, Santa Cruz, and party until dawn. Highlights include the Grand Procession on Shrove Tuesday and the finale, when a giant papier Mache sardine is set alight amidst a massive firework display. Los Gigantes holds its own four-day festival the weekend after.

Scuba diving and other things to do

Tenerife’s best area for scuba diving, holidays in Los Gigantes features diving for beginners and the more experienced alike, which includes a selection of centres and plenty to observe. The ocean is sheltered by the cliffs, and is translucent, particularly between November and February, and warm. There are services for all kinds of water sports and the island’s rocky terrain is perfect for mountain biking, mountaineering, climbing, cannoning and mountain biking.


Tenerife offers a fantastic option of courses offering fantastic facilities and superb sights. Although you will discover none in Los Gigantes itself, the nearest is only half an hour away and so may achieve an appropriate base for a golfing holiday. There’s also a breath-taking championship course on La Gomera. This beautiful island is actually a short boat trip away and is worth a try even for those who wouldn’t go near a golf course.

Garachico and the Dragon Tree

Across the bay lies this traditional town that was almost destroyed by a massive volcanic eruption, but is worth a trip to observe the properties that survived and the nearby Dragon Tree – the largest and oldest of its kind. Now found only within the Canary Islands, these trees were valued for their mystic powers and red sap, and even dragon’s blood, once used for everything from healing to embalming.




The Weather in Los Gigantes

Thanks to its routinely welcoming weather Tenerife is known as ‘The Island of Eternal Spring’. The landscape is dominated by Mount Teide, a volcano so huge that it affects weather conditions, splitting the island into two climactic regions. The north is usually cooler and there is more rainfall that makes it greener, while the southern area is warmer and sunnier, with coastal areas being most warm. All Inclusive Holidays to Los Gigantes, within the south-west coast, have perhaps the best conditions for tourists of anywhere around the island.

Los Gigantes weather – Great all-year round

Los Gigantes has near fantastic weather for sun seekers at almost any time of the year, due to typical daily highs ranging from 23C in January and February to around 28C and even 29C from July to October, with cooling trade winds coming from the north to keep the humidity down and bring about it comfortable enough for things to do such as hiking or perhaps golf.

The wind can change direction and bring particles of sandy and really hot weather conditions coming from the Sahara but this affects Tenerife less compared to the other Canary Islands further east. Any of us travelling about may choose their own personal climate conditions. If it’s a little too hot in Los Gigantes, guests could go to the dense forests bordering the Anaga Foothills or simply climb Mount Teide, that is sometimes covered in snow even when the weather conditions is hot elsewhere.

Weather in Los Gigantes – Perhaps the best weather in the Canary Islands

Not only are holidays in Los Gigantes on the sunny south west coast but the cliffs themselves protect the harbour and ocean coming from the wind, which is one reason this area is so typical having divers. Another is the seaside temperature which ranges from 18-19C in winter to 25-26C in sunshine. There may be barely enough rain to register at all during the sun weeks and only unexpected showers in wintertime. With typical the temperature varying so little from season to season, Los Gigantes holidays are an idyllic position for escaping the winter here or seeking out several guaranteed sunshine sun.



Los Gigantes Weather

April 66°F
May 68°F
June 72°F
July 75°F
Aug 77°F
Sept 77°F
Oct 73°F

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