Cheap Holidays during February, 2021 to Funchal, Madeira – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 2-3 hours from UK
  • Time difference: Same as UK
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • An exciting destination
  • Many 4 or 5 star hotels
  • Pretty decent holiday shopping
  • Good range of entertainment

All inclusive holidays Funchal Sat 05 December 2020

Take one of our superb all inclusive holidays in Funchal, an exciting destination the resort goes next to the coast for an incredible four miles. It is home to almost half of Madeira’s residents and has been a lure to travellers as far back as the 1800’s.

The main tourist part of Funchal consists of superb hotels, shops bars and restaurants. There is a lovely promenade stretching along the sea front that will supply you with the tacky touristy type souvenir shops. A few nice restaurants are jumbled in where you can sit outside and enjoy a nice meal. This is a lovely place to be on your Funchal holidays, to sit and watch the world go by and sip over a nice glass of wine with your exquisite meal.

Suitable for:

All inclusive Funchal holidays Wed 23 December 2020 is quite a posh destination where tourists in their 40’s with a little cash to burn will be right at home, although recent times have seen an increase in the All Inclusive sector which appeal to younger family types. But one thing has to be said the shortage of a proper beach and hilly ground make it less appealing to families with young children. The British are by far the most popular tourist here and most places will satisfy our fussy British taste buds.

Accommodation in Funchal for Sat 05 December 2020

Funchal Holidays will provide you with many 4 or 5 star hotels, although like many European countries 4 star will be more similar to a good 3 star and like ways 5 star more like a good 4 star. But that does not take away from the fact they are still good hotels in Funchal.  All inclusive in Funchal is making good inroads, hence you are likely if booking all inclusive to be presented with good options and included fun.


The lack of beaches in Funchal is compensated with some decent pools at hotels. This is where you will spend all your time bathing on your holidays. There is a small beach down by the marina where, if you don’t have a good pool at your hotel you can make use off.


Entertainment in Funchal:

Everyone will enjoy the open top bus tour around Funchal Old Town and comes highly recommended, as does visits to the museum, marina and various churches and cathedral.  If you are a bit of a dare devil then how about hang gliding or climbing; although if this seems like too much exercise take in one of the golf courses in the area.

Holiday nightlife in Funchal is not hard to find, your hotel will almost certainly have a full line up if included entertainment such as traditional dancers and even in the larger hotels a full nightclub. If you have not booked all inclusive Funchal holidays then you will have to look at the town for your night life. The Old Town especially does this well and offers good restaurant services that will for the most include some sort of entertainment.

As all inclusive includes your all your meals as well, going on any other board type to Funchal will mean you will have to look for your food each night. Fortunately Funchal has no shortage of choices when it comes to eating out on your holiday; offering everything from Indian, Chinese right through to local menus.


The fact that Funchal is the capital of Madeira and provides home for most of the islands population you can get some pretty decent holiday shopping.  As with all countries there are specialist products that make for excellent buys, traditional painted tiles and wickerwork are up there but the real speciality of Madeira is of course the Madeira cake

Day Trips:

Some tourists enjoy seeing around them while on holiday, others will think this is the worst idea in the world and just want a good hotel that provides them with everything they desire. Well for those who enjoy getting out and about there is a vast array of jaunts that they can avail off.  Many can be booked locally, although some can be included as part of your package when booking. The list includes Jeep Safari Tours, Mini Cruises, Fishing, and even a day trip to Porto Santo where you will see a real sandy beach.

If you enjoy out and about under your own steam, then car hire is abundantly available. Public transport is good, with week long passes providing the best value.  A good taxi network that is moderately priced with the driver the bane of all knowledge can be used for shorter journeys.


Funchal, Madeira Weather

April 60°F
May 64°F
June 70°F
July 74°F
Aug 74°F
Sept 73°F
Oct 66°F
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Map of Funchal, Madeira

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