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Everything Included in one Price Marsa Alam, Egypt – All Inclusive

Marsa Alam stunning beach

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx. 5 hours 30 minutes from UK
  • Time difference: +2 hours
  • Language: Modern Standard Arabic
  • Currency: Egyptian Pound (US dollars & GBP are usually taken)


At a Glance

  • A cheerful beach holiday in the south of Egypt
  • An outstanding Red Sea dive site
  • Opportunities to discover the surprises Marsa Alam
  • Budget choices for families and couples

Are you hoping to escape and enjoy three meals a day, alcohol based drinks, snacks and activities and simply pay one amount? An all inclusive Marsa Alam holiday could possibly be for what you are searching.

Why you need to look at holidays in Marsa Alam – Planning made simple

The thought of taking holiday getaways with young children might sound troublesome, nevertheless, we have suggestions for have kids occupied and happy, additionally ideas about child wellbeing abroad. Dining, treats, alcoholic beverages – charges quickly will intensify. On the other hand, these all inclusive holidays to Marsa Alam, you do not need to feel concerned. A part of the price tag of the holiday is actually food items, snacks, and endless local beverages.

Marsa Alam all inclusive facilities

Great value for money

Here at each of our accommodation options you will discover extra accessories, similar to water sports, provided, too. Everything adds up to a holiday that can offer fantastic good value and little problems.

Lots to try out

Aside from all your holiday resort has prepared, there are loads added to delight in on all inclusive holidays to Marsa Alam. To start with, you have the surroundings. Count on lots of hot sunshine, along with tan-friendly temperatures. The opportunity to try heaps to keep you busy, regardless if you are into sightseeing and tours or plan to have a rest with your iPhone.

Discover your best suited Marsa Alam holiday

If you desire to read more about all inclusive holidays to Marsa Alam, look at our helpful report – made up of research to guide you think about your holiday getaway. Then, for anybody who is all set to arrange, just use the search panel.


Consider all inclusive Marsa Alam holidays

Go for all inclusive Marsa Alam holidays if you fancy an ever more fashionable beach and Red Sea holiday dive site. Marsa Alam well positioned on the western coast of the Red Sea and is comparable to the predominant Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheikh, mainly due to the stunning golden beaches, warm clear waters and the vicinity of superb reefs.

Diving in Marsa Alam

All inclusive holidays to Marsa Alam are a new addition to the tourist trail in Egypt. For that reason, you will be more likely to pick up a cheap all inclusive deal. This will be a particularly good choice for divers wanting to explore a more natural and unblemished reef.

Hotel accommodation in Marsa Alam

As for hotel accommodation within Marsa Alam, there is an excellent selection of 3, 4 and even 5 star complexes with excellent facilities geared towards families and romantic couples that have an interest in diving. The recent addition of an airport, built in 2003 has made holidays in Marsa Alam an attractive option to other resorts on the Red Sea.

Marsa Alam lovely resorts

Restaurants, shops and entertainment fill the promenade

Your holidays in Marsa Alam, based in the area that once was home to a little fishing village. The leftovers from this are the little harbour, which is the hub to a lot of restaurants, shops and entertainment spots stretching along a promenade.

Check out the reefs

There are miles of dramatic reefs along the miles of the Marsa Alam coast, reached from the shore but the bulk of them involve one of the many prearranged jaunts from a boat. There are also pre-arranged fishing trips that you can include in your Marsa Alam holiday that will involve tuna and shark fishing.

teeming with fish

Include a few excursions

You can include a few good excursions as part of your all inclusive Marsa Alam package; a few ideas for these are as follows. There is an aquatic reserve that runs from Marsa Alam to Gebel Elba.

Marsa Alam is almost 500 miles away from of Cairo, so unless on a twin centre stay it will not be feasible to visit here. However, a few trips can be book to see the sight of Luxor and Aswan, which are around 150 miles from Marsa Alam.

All inclusive hotels will manage and coordinate tours to ancient sites like the Pyramids and Valley of the Kings. All inclusive in Marsa Alam can also include camel treks, jeep safaris and tours around the local area.


Marsa Alam, Egypt Weather

January 84°F
February 66°F
March 72°F
April 77°F
May 82°F
June 86°F
July 88°F
August 88°F
September 86°F
October 81°F
November 73°F
December 68°F


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