Adriatic Riviera

The Guide for Adriatic Riviera Holidays 2021/2022, Italy

Quick Details

  • Flight time: approx 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Time difference: Ahead of UK by one hour
  • Language: Italian
  • Currency: Euro

At a Glance

  • An enormous choice of water sports
  • July and September bookings available
  • Child friendly facilities, museums, night-life and Beaches
  • For cheapest price book Adriatic Riviera before Thursday

Seven Reasons to Choose All Inclusive Adriatic Riviera Holidays

All inclusive holidays in the Adriatic Riviera will take you to a romantic and spectacularly beautiful location in Italy.  The Adriatic Riviera has a fabulous coast which with rugged cliffs sheltering tiny coves. There are long sandy beaches lined with parasols, attractive villages hug the hillsides, and some of the world’s most appealing ancient treasures.


With more than a mile of golden sand, Cattolica is a splendid beach for your Adriatic Riviera holiday. The resort is located at the centre of a small gulf, which is protected all year round from winds and rough waves. The resort has pedestrianised streets and squares, lined with shops and boutiques, pavements cafes, pubs, ice cream parlours, pizzerias, restaurants, live music bars, discos and cinemas, This part of the Adriatic Riviera offers all inclusive holidays in total relaxation with a strong sense of old traditions and history.


Pesaro is a rich and eclectic mixture of unspoilt Adriatic Riviera history, culture and atmosphere, all inclusive Adriatic Riviera holidays here enjoys a sweeping stretch of golden sandy beach. The Old Town is home to a countless number of shops, galleries, workshops, markets, places of historical interest, as well as a cosmopolitan series of bars, cafes and restaurants. Pesaro is perfect for a beach holiday in Adriatic Riviera with that little bit of extra style.


This is a quiet resort in the Adriatic Riviera with a pretty beach and a low-key nightlife. This is ideal if you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing family holiday in Adriatic Riviera that is among beautiful surroundings. This part of the Adriatic Riviera has a handful of shops, bars and restaurants to enjoy, though if you fancy stepping up a gear or two, then the lively centre of Rimini is only around 2.5km away.

1. Beaches in the Adriatic Riviera

With miles of broad golden sands, beaches in the Adriatic Riviera are most definitely a beach holiday delight. There are plenty of sun-loungers to go around with an enormous choice of water sports include for when you’re feeling you fancy some thrill-seeking.

2. Child friendly

A favourite activity after dinner at your hotel on an all inclusive board in the Adriatic Riviera is to take an evening stroll along the illuminated promenade. There is a good choice of kiosks, games, dancing and night-lit pools.

If you enjoy Crazy golf and mini electric cars, these are among the family-oriented activities in the Adriatic Riviera in the peaceful gardens at Giardini de Amicis

3. Eat and drink

The Adriatic Riviera is well known throughout the world for its great food and fine wines. The style of cooking varies from resort to resort. This truly makes the best use of fresh, local produce, although some dishes are found throughout the country.

If you have booked self-catering holidays in Adriatic Riviera you will have a selection of good local restaurants. These serve up delicacies such as superbly-cooked fresh fish. You’ll be tempted by home-made pasta (the local speciality is strozzapreti) and delicious soups prepared in the best rural tradition. Chicken, rabbit and chargrilled meat are also a classic throughout Adriatic Riviera.

Other specialities in the Adriatic Riviera are: polenta with clams, fish brodetto, chargrilled sardines with salad and finally, the local cake known as miacetto.

4. Getting around in the Adriatic Riviera

If you plan to travel around while on holidays in Adriatic Riviera there is an extensive bus and tram network lines throughout the Adriatic Riviera, as well as many routes further inland. Take the bus services 125 or 175 to set your course north up the coast. You change at Riccione for Rimini and other coastal destinations. Local fares start from value € 1 for a single journey.

Taxis Fares are comparable to those in the UK. A taxi to Rimini from Cattolica will cost around €30.

5. Impressive sites in the Adriatic Riviera region


Piazza Maggio.

Renowned for its musical fountains, a show takes place every evening at 10pm during summer in Adriatic Riviera, where fountains and coloured lights move to the rhythm of the accompanying music. The town’s symbol, the Mermaids Fountain, can be seen in the middle of the square.

Piazza Mercato.

This square is full of shops and is home to several open-air events such as the Children’s Market, local concerts, and summer dancing lessons.

Via Pascoli.

This is the oldest part and is rich in history and tradition. In the summer, weekly antique markets are held here during the evening.

Via Dante.

A non-vehicular area full of shops with hotels and pizzerias – shop to your hearts satisfied or just enjoy some time in one of the many bars and restaurants.

Park Le Navi.

A huge complex of aquariums built into the sea. There’s a unique tank where it’s you can reach in and touch the collection of skates.

6. Museums and Galleries

Museum Of Antiquities, Via Pascoli.

During your holidays in Adriatic Riviera you can visit the Museum Of Antiquities. The museum includes an archaeological division full of local finds, dating from early history to middle Ages (though mostly from the Bronze Age). It also houses a Marine Section documenting the age-old customs of the sailors.

Ferrari Museum, Strada dei Censiti, Falciano, San Marino.

Open for all inclusive Adriatic Riviera holidays in February to November 2021, the home of the Prancing Horse is truly in the tiny landlocked republic of San Marino. Best got to by car – head towards Rimini on the motorway, take the ‘Rimini Sud’ exit, then turn left at San Marino. You can’t miss it.

7. Nightlife

Below are a few places to try during your all inclusive holidays in Adriatic Riviera.

Beach Bar, Lungomare, Rasi Spinelli. This is the summer meeting point for the locals. The quiet and cosy bar is typical of the local character.

Bistrot Nettuno, Lungomare Rasi Spinelli. On the promenade, this is a piano bar and restaurant. There is a subdued but elegant atmosphere with karaoke in the evenings.

Caipirado, Via Fiume. This is a Brazilian cocktail bar with good atmosphere in a beautiful place.



Italy Weather

April 55°F
May 63°F
June 70°F
July 75°F
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Sept 70°F
Oct 63°F


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