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Sardinia holidays inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: approx 2 hours 20 minutes from UK
  • Time difference: Ahead of UK by one hour
  • Language: Italian
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • Holiday with the rich and famous
  • Beach lovers,will love this resort
  • The destination to travel to this summer
  • Book early since deals are booked quickly

Those of you that are interested without needing to hurt your wallet, all inclusive holidays to Sardinia offer you a amazing-value, worry-free method of having a fantastic beach escape.

Drink as much as you want

Helping to keep each of us on top of the world on a break may well be expensive. Dining, your snacks, beers – the amount paid soon will grow. Even so, with many of our all inclusive holidays to Sardinia, it is not necessary to get frustrated. A part of the charge of this holiday is food items, treats, and limitless local alcoholic drinks.

Fantastic price tag

At each of our places to stay you will find bonuses, for instance swimming, packaged together, in addition. Every little thing results in a holiday that promises wonderful great value and zero bother.

Everything included

With the exception of all your holiday resort has prepared, you will find there is a lot more to count on all inclusive holidays to Sardinia. First, there is the weather. Look forward to loads of hot sunshine, along with sunbathing possibilities. In addition, there is a great deal to occupy yourself, no matter whether you are always into sightseeing and tours or rather chill out with the kids.

Identify your preferred escape

You will be able to read more about all inclusive holidays to Sardinia, take a peek at today’s helpful guidebook – Packed with suggestions, which may help you think about your location. In addition, in case you are able to buy, simply make use of the search field.



Brief Description

Sardinia is one of the largest islands located in the Mediterranean Sea of Italy. This cheap all inclusive holiday in Sardinia island attracts both the famous and the rich each summer. Sardinia’s beautiful landscape scenery will amaze even the most experienced traveller. The city offers probably the most spectacular beaches in Europe. This city is the ideal spot to refresh the entire body, soul and mind.

The more adventurous tourists can enjoy rock climbing, horse riding on their all inclusive Sardinia holidays along with many different other adrenaline pumping activities, while the whole family will delight in seeing the extraordinary species at the island of La Maddalena Archipelago National Park. The common language that people speak is Sardo or Sardinian as well as Italian.

Arts lovers

Cagliari is the capital and is a good spot to check out other areas of the island. Arts lovers will find great sights in artefacts and the prehistoric tombs of the National Archaeological Museum. The beautified landscape with buildings from the historical Nuragic civilisation is one of a kind in Sardinia.

Suitable for

Families, singles along with couples will really like Sardinia holidays and the selection of all inclusive holidays it offers. Beach lovers, landscapes enthusiasts and adventurers will love this city too.


Whether or not you wish to spend your nights lazing at the beach, discovering historical fortresses, or explore the national park, there is always something to do. Families can excite the children by hunting for treasure at the Citadel

Museums in Cagliari

The beautiful Poetto Beach is the great spot to relax. You can lie on the headland, called the devil’s saddle, and look at the great views. In case your children like to swim, visit the Aqua-dream.

Sardinia food

The one thing that a holiday in Sardinia has in common with its Italian neighbours is their love for wine and food. The dishes vary from region to region, but having the Sardinian identity, you will find different sauces, home-made pasta of small balls stuffed with seafood. There are also oven cooked pies with seafood, meat or vegetable with different fillings found across Sardinia.

Nightlife in Sardinia

The temperature increases in the town’s bars and nightclubs, just as the sun sets in Sardinia. Although Sardinia holiday nightlife can be somewhat quiet, you can still find some cosy bars and romantic restaurant to revel.

The best time to go to Sardinia

Going Sardinia all inclusive is the destination to travel to during summer. The summer season runs from May to October. All inclusive July holidays and August holidays are the hottest and very busy at the beaches and town centres. Nevertheless, there is mild weather in springtime and autumn. If you want to avoid the crowd while you enjoy the sunshine, the best months to visit are May, June as well as September.

Hotels in Sardinia

It is not only the glitterati that enjoy a holiday in Sardinia. You will discover exclusive resorts where high-class hotels cater for everybody; nevertheless, there are many resorts that are family-friendly and mid-range lodging. Many of the beach resorts provide top quality lodging and exude class.

In case you need a low cost break in Sardinia, book your hotel early, since the best deals book up quickly at the peak of the holiday season. The hotel rooms are usually spacious and clean. There are many well-known hotel brands in the island including the Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Starwood, Rocco Forte, Mercure and Best Western.



Sardinia Weather

January 46°F
February 48°F
March 54°F
April 57°F
May 70°F
June 73°F
July 79°F
August 75°F
September 72°F
October 64°F
November 55°F
December 50°F
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Map of Sardinia

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