Holiday Guide to Amalfi, Italy – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: approx 2 hours 20 minutes from UK
  • Time difference: Ahead of UK by one hour
  • Language: Italian
  • Currency: Euro

At a Glance

  • One of the worlds greatest stretches of coast
  • Variety of beaches packed with visitors
  • A traditional holiday atmosphere
  • Clubs and bars stay open till late

Brief Description

Start your holiday break to Amalfi using Don’t look at these as cheap all inclusive holidays; it’s all about getting the greatest satisfaction for your money. The Amalfi shoreline is one of the greatest stretches of seaside in the world, with breath-taking colourful sea view and mountain that gives outstanding views above the bluest of sea water.

Holidays to Amalfi ensure all the best parts of Italy are combined into one stunning coast. Enjoy the great Italian surroundings by wandering down the breezy coast, enjoy some kind of classic margherita as you sip cafe in the pavement bar.

The Amalfi coast region is known as the world’s most romantic locations due to its utter elegance and immaculate towns and villages. Planning to rekindle love flames with a romantic holiday? Visit the secluded beach locations or stay at the welcoming B&B’s, as these are perfect locations to woo your partner. Amalfi is busy all season, as visitors come here mainly for the all hour’s party that is associated with many Mediterranean destinations.


Amalfi beach is studded with a wide variety of pebbles and is jam-packed with visitors and Italians around August. Nearby beaches include Positano with the exotic beach locations of Spiaggia Grande and Fornillo. Castiglione di Ravello beach is surrounded by dramatic cliffs and a quieter beach is that of Atrani’s.

Suitable for

An Amalfi holiday is suitable for travellers searching for romantic break destination as well as families with older and younger children.


All inclusive holidays to Amalfi are to a preserved and secret spot of Italy. Walk around the city to see the whitewashed villas, narrow alleys and visit the courtyards. Culture enthusiasts will really enjoy Amalfi’s traditional holiday atmosphere of the city. The scenery is outstanding; with tiny, historic churches and Roman buildings. The city isn’t always quiet, nevertheless; the bustling city centre is filled with shops, piazzas and wonderful places for refreshments.

Amalfi food

At your all inclusive hotel enjoy the Amalfi cuisine which is Neapolitan. A starter that is the favourite is the local buffalo mozzarella cheese with cut up tomatoes or a serving of rucola salad which is dressed with a lemon juice. The vegetarians will love food like peppers filled up with rice that is herb flavoured and baked using a clay pot. Grilled fish with herb and tomato sauce is also popular. Mussels are generally added to pasta after stewing gently in white wine.


Clubs and bars stay open till late, even though holidays in Amalfi isn’t the destination to go for all night parties. For a more exciting location, include a trip to Salerno, as it has a great selection of nightclubs and discos. Because holidays all inclusive in Amalfi attract the famous and rich, most of the nightlife is chic and trendy. A holiday in Amalfi itself is good for visitors who prefer good sunset views relaxing at bars and cafés. The stunning city of Positano has a lot to offer people in search of lively nightlife entertainment.

The best time to go

It is more pleasant to take an all inclusive holiday to Amalfi during summer, due to its many hours of daily sunshine up till August. The area is sheltered by the mountains with sea breezes. Amalfi also experience minor rainfall from June. The wettest season is around Easter.


There is the Amalfi Grand Hotel that is built in a 12th century converted monastery. This luxurious hotel provides an outstanding view of the cliffside. Hotel La Bussola is situated with beach views at the centre of Amalfi, short walk from the main square.

Amalfi, Italy Weather

April 55°F
May 63°F
June 70°F
July 75°F
Aug 75°F
Sept 70°F
Oct 63°F

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