The Guide for Lazio Holidays 2021/2022, Sardinia

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  • Flight time: approx 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Time difference: Ahead of UK by one hour
  • Language: Italian
  • Currency: Euro

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  • Diverse landscapes, rich in culture and history
  • May and July bookings available
  • Packed with activities to do
  • For best prices book Lazio before Tuesday

Lazio Region Holidays

Get the chance to visit Italy’s’ capital, Rome while on our cheap all inclusive Lazio holidays, at the same time as exploring scenic areas.  Lazio is rich in cultural heritage and history all over the region. Holidays in the region of Lazio are found in the central west of Italy, and include areas of rolling hills, volcanic lakes and harsh mountains, as well as beach resorts along the diverse coastline.

Visit the ancient city of Rome, with its’ vibrant centre

All inclusive holidays in Lazio open with the exciting and exceptional city of Rome. A flourishing and lively modern-day city filled with ancient treasures. A trip to Rome is home to many well-known sights, from the Colosseum and the Pantheon, to the Roman Forum and the Trevi Fountain.

Holidays in the region of Lazio offer infinite sightseeing opportunities, everything from a resort packed full of churches, palaces, museums, parks and fountains. There are lots of lively squares in which to absorb the atmosphere of this busy and fascinating city. All inclusive holiday to the Lazio region offers trendy hotels just beyond Rome, such as in resorts in Tivoli. This area is famous for its’ freshwater springs and spectacular scenery with impressive views and grand villas. The region is home of the famous Frascati white wine.

Lazio holidays also include locations such as Lake Bracciano, Lake Vico and Lake Bolsena, which are fantastic for swimming and water sports in coastal resorts such as Ostia, Ponza and Sperlonga.

Diverse landscapes, rich in culture and history

Holidays all inclusive in Lazio offer tourists the chance to uncover the joys of the city of Rome.  There are brilliant activities for discovering the beauty of neighbouring regions, from the volcanic lakes and mountains to the stylish beach resorts.

Explore bygone days with a holiday to Lazio all inclusive with old-fashioned cities like Rieti and Anagni, or Etruscan centres such as Tusculum and Tarquinia. Choosing Lazio as a holiday destination will give you a good selection of  national parks for those interested in walking and hiking. Other activities include thermal baths for visitors needing rest and rejuvenation. Staying in an all inclusive hotel in the Lazio region will feature yummy local food and drink. The diet here focuses heavily on olive oil, cheese and wine.

Top things to do in Lazio

1.      Ancient Rome

No all inclusive Lazio region holiday would be complete without a stay in Rome. The eternal city offers unrivalled history and culture with awesome roman ruins, monuments and relics to admire. Visit the Colloseum and Pantheon and marvel at the sheer scale and sophistication of the Roman Empire. The city of Rome has a multitude of sights that have been astounding and inspiring visitors for centuries.

2.      The Lakes of Lazio Region

Escape to the tranquillity of Lazio’s lake country, a holiday for rest, relaxation and water sports. Lake Bracciano and Lake Martignano offer sailing, fishing and canoeing activities in scenery of immense natural beauty. Surrounded by fragrant pine forests and rolling hills, these lakes provide hot sulphurous springs and spas and many pretty woodland walking trails to explore. Just a short journey from Rome, the pace of life is slow and unhurried and a perfect retreat for families.

3.      Beach Resorts

Lazio all inclusive is Less renowned for its beaches than other regions of Italy, Lazio nevertheless has a number of resorts with clear blue seas and fine sand. Very popular with weekending locals, Ostia has a broad range of facilities and entertainment catering to all ages. The charming resort of Sperlonga boasts a wide stretch of golden sand, many intimate restaurants and cafes and intriguing scenery all around. Constant offshore breezes provide rewarding water sports participation and welcome relief from the heat of Rome.

4.      Walking Tours

The most relaxing way to explore the green and pleasant Lazio countryside is a guided walking tour. Discover olive groves and vineyards and admire inspiring roman villas and ancient monasteries along the way. Itineraries include a walk along the Appian Way, the most famous roman road in Italy or taking in coastal villages and cliff tops. A walking tour offers an intimate look at traditional rural life in Lazio region and is a memorable way to spend a day.

5.      The River Tiber

During holidays in Lazio enjoy an excursion on the River Tiber, the lifeblood of Rome since ancient times. Boat trips will take you past many of Rome’s famous landmarks offering unique and spectacular views from the water or cruise further afield into the countryside. With many charming riverside villages and brightly coloured barges and pleasure craft to see, this is an enjoyable and worthwhile holiday trip. Romantic evening dinner cruises are also available.

6.      Tivoli

Do take time on your holidays to visit the ancient town of Tivoli, a popular tourist destination and just a short journey from the centre of Rome. Here you can view the large roman villa of Hadrian which contains several monuments, sunken baths and temples set around well-manicured flower gardens. The medieval Villa D’Este is even more impressive with a series of fountains in lovely grounds and many important relics and artefacts. The town of Tivoli itself has many old buildings to admire, quaint shops and cafes and has developed into a stylish resort with excellent facilities.

Weather in Lazio Region – A fine and dry summer season

The summer weather for a holiday in Lazio is settled and stable with sunny skies and high temperatures of 30c fuelled by hot dry air coming from North Africa. Lazio enjoys up to 11 hours of daily sunshine is enjoyed, staying light until 9pm and evenings are pleasantly mild. Daytime breezes offer some respite from the heat in coastal resorts although winds can become strong at times. The city of Rome can feel uncomfortable on hot days and many locals seek refuge in outlying hilly towns and villages at weekends.



Italy Weather

April 55°F
May 63°F
June 70°F
July 75°F
Aug 75°F
Sept 70°F
Oct 63°F


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