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Cleopatra Beach

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 4½ hours from the UK
  • Time difference: 2 hours ahead of the UK
  • Language: Turkish
  • Currency: Turkish Lira


At a Glance

  • Where the old and the new intermingle
  • Resort is well liked by couples and families
  • Nightlife that is renowned
  • Hot, dry and long summers

Good reasons to visit Alanya

These popular all inclusive holidays to Alanya can be just right in case you are on a tight budget – these are packaged with drink and food as part of the low price.

Alanya done affordably

Trying to keep everyone eating and drinking when away can often be very expensive. Dining, treats, wines – expenses before long soon will intensify. Nevertheless with these All inclusive holidays to Alanya, do not have to concern yourself. Within the costs of any holiday will be daily meals, your snacks, and never-ending local alcoholic beverages.

Extra highlights

With all of our resorts, you can get additional features, similar to aquatic sports, attached, also. The whole thing results in a holiday that promises wonderful value for money and limited trouble.

Loads to do in Alanya

Other than all your holiday resort has planned, you will discover loads more to enjoy on all inclusive holidays to Alanya. For starters, you will have climate. You can expect plenty of high-temperatures, in addition to fun activities. Then there is plenty to occupy yourself, irrespective of whether you are always into exploring the resort or would rather wind down with your own thoughts.

Alanya Castle

Unearth your recommended break

If you need to find out about all inclusive holidays to Alanya, look at these practical tips and hints. An excellent source of reports helps designing your getaway. Then, for everybody who is able to arrange, simply benefit from the research area.

A quick guide to Alanya

Alanya holiday resort is located at the centre of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. This city in Turkey is completely different from most coastal resorts. Alanya is nicknamed as where the sun smiles, because of its interesting blend of modern day activities and ancient culture. This is a destination where the old and the new intermingle.

With one of our all inclusive deals, holidays in Alanya are less expensive as compared to many locations at the Mediterranean.

A warm local climate, rich culture and stunning beaches make Alanya holidays all inclusive a perfect holiday destination around the Turkish Riviera. Popular attractions include the 13th century Alanya Castle and Damlataş Cave. Alanya features long and white stretch of sandy beach to the eastern side of the city. The Taurus Mountains serves as a backdrop to the warm Mediterranean seas.

The Alanya Beaches

The two blue flag beaches of Alanya are divided by a towering peninsula. The most popular is the Cleopatra Beach on the western area. It features interesting view of the castle with a stretch of sand. The eastern beach features water edge that is rockier and is ideal for snorkelling. Guests on a trip to Alanya can spot scorpion fish, eels and octopus in these rich waters.

Alanya beach

Suitable for

All inclusive Alanya resort is well liked by couples and families.

Activities and sight attractions

In less than one hour, holidaymakers can drive to ancient city of Side. The main attraction of the area is the Roman ruins. You can visit the Athena and Apollo that are the 2nd century temples and the large amphitheatre within 10 minutes from Alanya. All inclusive highlights include visiting Manavgat, the spot where the towering minarets of the central mosque is located. Outside the area, there are a shaded tea gardens and a beautiful waterfall nearby.

Alanya food

Turkey is renowned for fast food and Alanya’s inexpensive eating places do not disappoint. You will be able to get a kebab. A pide is a kind of Turkish pizzas that visitors can get along the narrow streets or visit the cafeteria style restaurant known as lokanta. There are delicious Turkish staples such as rice cooked in stock and butter called pilav and chickpea stew.

Alanya Nightlife

Alanya has a nightlife that is renowned in Turkey. Around 11pm in the evening, before the main clubs in the harbour open, tourists can get drinks at the disco bars. The music from these venues ranges from techno, modern pop to electronic. There are many kinds of nightlife activity, be it rock, Turkish music, disco or salsa, there is entertainment to suit every needs. If, however, you would like to boogie right after 3am, a shuttle bus goes to the outside town from the harbour.


The best time to visit to visit Alanya

There is a typical hot local climate during summer in Alanya. As it is located at the high pressure zone of subtropical Mediterranean Basin, meaning that most rainfall are in winter months, therefore leaving a hot, dry and long summers for holidaymakers to enjoy.

Hotels in Alanya

Guests can stay in Alanya at bed and breakfast and on various boards in hotels including all inclusive, hotels in the resort are cheap compared to other regions. The best way to enjoy the region is to stay in one of the 5 star hotels in Alanya on an all inclusive basis. Whether or not you wish to relax in the spa, or even take advantage of the beach and sea views, you’re likely to uncover something to fit your holiday perfectly.

The budget friendly hotel called Hotel Ozcan is located in the Turkish Riviera and is near the Cleopatra Beach. The 5 star hotel Gold City Hotel is great for families and couples as it is family friendly with excellent range of leisure activities for both kids and adults.

The breath taking, luxurious Diamond Hill hotel is where holiday dreams are granted. The hotel is situated along the lovely coast of the Mediterranean in Alanya. The hotel features fantastic views in a beautiful environment across the ocean.



Alanya, Turkey Weather

Jan 57°F
Feb 58°F
March 61°F
April 67°F
May 79°F
June 84°F
July 88°F
Aug 88°F
Sept 82°F
Oct 74°F
Nov 66°F
Dec 60°F


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