Everything Included in one Price Bitez, Bodrum – All Inclusive

Turkey Bitez holidays


Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 3 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 1 hour ahead of the UK
  • Language: Maltese
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • Al fresco dining served under starlit sky
  • Child friendly beach with warm waters
  • Suitable for families and couples
  • Quiet and relaxing resort

Do you want to go away, appreciate three daily meals, drinks, treats and activities, and just pay a single price? An all inclusive Bitez holiday could possibly be just what you are trying to find.

All Meals or snacks included

Helping to help keep the little ones busy when away is typically expensive. Meals, snacks, wines – the expenses soon enough start to accumulate. Nevertheless with many of our All inclusive holidays to Bitez, do not have to be concerned. Included in the price of your holiday are actually dining, goodies, and endless local cold drinks.

Superb value for money

At many of our luxury hotels there are extra items, such as aquatic sports, included, likewise. This results in a holiday that delivers great affordability and without fuss.

sunny holiday

A load to do

In addition to the all the lodging has anticipated, there is always heaps more to wait for on All inclusive holidays to Bitez. For starters, you have the weather factors. You can anticipate a whole lot of hot sunshine, along with tan-friendly temperatures. In addition, there are heaps to keep yourself busy, whether you are the one into sightseeing in the resort or tend to de-stress with a good book.

Search for your very best family trip

Should you wish to read additional info on all inclusive holidays to Bitez, look at this popular invaluable publication – you will find it is brimming with information to assist you set up your location. In addition, for anybody who is ready to book, just benefit from the search window.


A Brief Description of All Inclusive Bitez Holidays

All inclusive holidays in Bitez, Turkey allow you to get away from all the stress. Holidays in the Bodrum region of Turkey are quite easy-going that you will barely notice the time slip away. Bitez is the ultimate example of laid back and happy-go-lucky region. You will not need to stress about planning the trip or struggling with large numbers of tourists for your spot on the sand.

Whether it is sun tanning on the beach or boat paddling in the shallow waters, all inclusive holidays in Bitez, Turkey is where to be if you would like to experience the calm.

Holidays to Bitez centre on the convenient beach, presented with the blue flag award for cleanliness. If relaxing in the clear waters or maybe windsurfing is your picture of how holiday heaven should be, a Bitez all inclusive getaway is perfect for you. It is ideal for recharging your energy as well as letting you enjoy a portion of the real Turkey.

Beaches in Bitez

Bitez beach features a wonderful spread out of sand, unspoilt by throngs of tourists and sufficiently small, to remain exclusive, while the sea waves clang gently on the shore. Overall, the seaside is an ideal environment to relax, unwind with a book or simply delight in the summer sunshine.

Bitez is suitable for

Holidays in Bitez will suit beach lovers, families, couples and adventure seekers.

Hotels in Bitez

The all inclusive holidays’ accommodations in Bitez are great, providing comfortable and safe rooms for all visitors. Families and couples are generally the main guests in this hotel.

  • For travellers who do not want to be far away from the beach, the Bitezhan Beach Hotel is only minutes to the beach. The hotel suit tourists who would like to relax by the beach during the day and enjoy the lively Bodrum nightlife as soon as the sun sets.
  • If you are looking for a friendly and romantic vibe, the Small World Hotel meets all your requirements. It exudes charm and personality, this hotel is superbly peaceful and is closer to Bitez’s beach and amenities.

Hotel Orion is a small, but friendly hotel. Perfectly positioned next to the seaside and it is a few minutes’ walk to the beach. You will find a communal vibe to this hotel in Bitez. It features a small swimming pool and a bar that stays conveniently open.

Activities and interesting attractions

Bitez is a launching point for many boat trips, visiting several of Turkey’s most amazing historical sites, including the remains of the 3,000 year old Troy and Ephesus. Nearby, many charming inland treks may help you unwind.

It does not matter if you prefer diving in the sea or tanning on the beach, the fantastic beaches will let you do exactly that. Since Bitez is comparatively new to holidaymakers, you can still get pleasure from its unspoilt beauty. The majority of the beaches provide water-sports. Parasailing is most in demand, be sure to have a go if you are planning to consider something new as you relax on the beach.

Bitez food

The Turkish pizza generally known, as pide is doughy and delicious, topped with cheese, meat, and serves as a traditional snack. Try the kebab, made from a variety of meat-based dishes. It includes not only grilled meats, but also casseroles. Meze is a variety of food offered as an appetizer without or with drinks. A number of Bitez foods work well as main course too.

Nightlife in Bitez

In line with the laid back atmosphere, nightlife in Bitez is quiet. There is however a great number of restaurants to be discovered across the waterfront and some music bar to make you extend your day into late night. However, simply gazing at the stars is enough to place couples in a romantic atmosphere.

The best time to go to Bitez

The weather condition in Bitez is generally great; there may be a whole year of wonderful sunshine. The summer months are a good time to have fun holidays in Bitez. The hottest month to go on holidays is August with many hours of sunshine.



Bitez, Turkey Weather

Jan 57°F
Feb 58°F
March 61°F
April 67°F
May 79°F
June 84°F
July 88°F
Aug 88°F
Sept 82°F
Oct 74°F
Nov 66°F
Dec 60°F


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