Holiday Type: All Inclusive Holidays Incekum, Turkey

  • Flight time: Approx 4½ hours from the UK
  • Time difference: 2 hours ahead of the UK
  • Language: Turkish
  • Currency: Turkish Lira

Incekum Holidays


When you take a holiday to Incekum you are getting a golden chance of having a superior holiday within a handy setting, the prominent resort of Alanya is located just a short taxi ride away. Incekum which lies on the southern side of Turkey is one of the top-rated holiday resorts and is around 15 miles away from Alanya and other resorts.  At we organise all inclusive Incekum holidays daily and using that option is one of the best ways of going to Incekum. From Antalya International Airport, you will have to travel nearly 60 miles before reaching this interesting and appealing resort. Likewise, just like any other all inclusive trips the package deal of cheap all inclusive Incekum holidays is a mix of Turkish glamour with unreserved indulgence.

The golden sand of main Incekum beach has a chilled out vibe and has heaps to keep the kids contented. The easy accessibility is one of the main attractive traits of this beach, with pristine water and generous scenery. The golden yellow soft sand and azure coloured water enhances the general appeal of the beach. The availability of sun-bathing and water-sports facilities makes the beach very much an appealing factor when choosing this resort. You can find beach side restaurants, bars and pubs very close to the beach; these facilities will be really handy for you during the holidays to Incekum.

A short visit to the internationally famous Manavgat Waterfall is really advisable while you are having the cheap all inclusive holidays in Incekum; the whole family will enjoy the trip, as the sight of this waterfall is extremely mind cooling. Some other areas where you can make visits during your all inclusive Incekum holidays are Saklikent Gorge, Saklikent Ski Resort, Hamaxia and some of the nearby beach-areas.

You will get different kinds of entertainment opportunities, while having your holidays to Incekum. There will be very good facilities for bowling, diving, rafting, boat chartering, mountain biking, cross tour and horse-riding. Some of the items worth purchasing are leather goods, Turkish carpets, jewellery, furniture, building supplies and home furnishings.

Incekum Weather

April 20°C
May 25°C
June 30°C
July 34°C
Aug 33°C
Sept 30°C
Oct 25°C

Map of Incekum