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  • Flight time: Approx 3 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 1 hour ahead of the UK
  • Language: Maltese
  • Currency: Euro


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  • Somewhere outside of the norm
  • Discover Kercem’s authentic secret
  • Some of the world’s best scenery
  • Take part in the Annual Ghadira Fair

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Get dreamy in Gozo with a holiday in Kercem

Having all of us fed and watered on a break is not going to be cheap. Meals, snacks, and alcohol based drinks – the prices soon start to pile up. On the other hand, each of our all inclusive holidays to Kercem, includes everything with one single price. Within the price of the holiday are things to eat, snacks, and never-ending local refreshments.

Incredible value

Here at many of our places to stay there will be features, including water sports, attached, as well. Everything you need adds up to a holiday that delivers extraordinary good value and limited worry.

Many things to explore

Other than all the lodging has proposed, there are always tons new to anticipate on all inclusive holidays to Kercem. To begin with, there are the climate conditions. You can expect lots of sunlight, along with sunbathing possibilities. Then there is quite a lot to keep you occupied, regardless if you happen to be into seeing the sights or like to cool off with a good book.

Kercem family holidays

Identify your perfect holiday getaway

If you need to find out more on all inclusive holidays to Kercem, go look at today’s useful guidebook, made up of ideas that will help you set up your location. However, for those who are able to buy, just take advantage of the search field.



Cheap holidays abroad all inclusive in Kercem

Kercem, found just 5 minutes coming from the capital city Victoria, is an historic community delivering a tranquil hidden base, set amongst some of the amazing scenery on Gozo. Located in the south-east of the island, Kercem lies around the picturesque Lunzjata Valley and the gorgeous cliffs of Xlendi, and is a rural retreat, perfect for beautiful walks and bike rides.

Fully inclusive to Kercem – best kept secret rural retreat

The region near Kercem is abundant with tradition and folklore. Even though small town was founded around the Middle Age ranges, archaeological discoveries date Kercem as far back as 4500 BC, with the location being the website of the first human settlement on Malta. Kercem remains home to many relics from the history, similar to the ancient windmill tower, as well as the varied natural stone balconies throughout the town depicting the oriental crescent shape.

There are many refurbished well-established stone farmhouses within the vicinity providing as holiday package homes, and tourists to Kercem will benefit from the solace and tranquillity of the surrounding scenery. The fertile valley of Lunzjata, famous as a hunting ground for the Knights, is the place to find plenty of healthy springs and the greenest, the majority of verdant place on the island. Santa Lucija, across the street to Kercem, is a modest resort stuffed with old-time appeal, and on the list of many well-preserved areas on Gozo.

All Inclusive Dining

Cheapest all inclusive in Kercem – Providing a great many restored stone farmhouses

Even though Kercem is a base for villas and apartments, it does not supply quite a bit selection in terms of stores and restaurants, with most travellers’ content to create the short getaway into Victoria for meals and supplies. The destination of Xlendi lies southerly of Kercem, and gives ultimate paddling, submarine and scuba-diving in its’ stunning bay, with several fantastic fish dining places on the seafront. Most of Gozos’ sights are visited from Kercem by a hiring a car to discover all that the island includes to provide.



Kercem, Gozo Malta Weather

Jan 55°F
Feb 55°F
March 57°F
April 61°F
May 68°F
June 73°F
July 81°F
Aug 81°F
Sept 78°F
Oct 70°F
Nov 63°F
Dec 57°F


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